Preventing Bias and Discrimination

-- Justice Should Be Blind --

Blind Justice: All groups and individual who have submitted themselves to the authority of the jurisdiction of the court have the absolute right to equal protection and treatment under the law.

This is a hypothetical system that could be used in court or even modified to be used for internal EEO issues.

  1. All EEO, and legal cases must be available for appeal based on proclaimed bias or prejudice within the court or by law enforcement.

  2. Appeals must be written and done in the blind, but may be limited to a specific area of discord.

  • All personally identifiable information (PII) must be replaced with a generic placeholder.

  • All information that could be associated with a group related to the alleged discrimination must be replaced with generic terms. This must be agreed upon by both parties and if necessary put before an impartial 3rd party.3rd party review must ensure group affiliation can’t be determined.

  • Example: The defendant [D1] said, “... die you [racial slur]....” to the witness [W3].

  • All information on judicial conclusion must be removed.

  1. Reviewers (three judges) must not be familiar with or able to determine the subjects of the case.

  • If the case is widely renowned:

  • The full case and any background relevant to sentencing should be submitted.

  • Each side must provide the closest case precedence.

  • Each case must be stripped of identifiable information in the same manor.

  • The reviewers must determine the case that most closely matches the case in question.

  • The results in the case in question must be similar to the president case, if not the case is deemed bias.

  • Reviewers should determine a reasonable outcome based on the same sentencing guidelines as the original case, the results must be similar to the president case, if not the case is deemed bias.

  1. Judges who are found to have a bias-to-case ration significant higher than the mean should be impeached and bared from being a judge.

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