Investment Training, Passive

Passive Investing: Learn how to invest your own money just like a professional. With just few hours a year, you could save thousands. The price is $500 and includes one year of support.

Active Investing: From stocks to shorts.... This builds on the portfolio development and investing learned in the passive investing. This is customized depending on your starting knowledge and desired investment strategies. It normally takes multiple sessions and/or a lengthy extended session. Price varies and normally includes one year of support.


Budget, Debt, or Saving Plan

A simple way to improve your life. Determine where the money goes and the best way to trim, and save to reduce debt or achieve your goals. ($300 for a financial review and education, additional $300 if you want hard copy budgets and forcasts.)


Your Questions Answered

No risk, satisfaction guaranty or get your money back. Schedule a 30 min call with a financial expert to answer your specific question. Complex questions that take more than 30 minutes to answer should be setup as a regular appointment.   If you call with a specific business planning, investment or financial question that is not answered you will not be charged for the call.  Feel free to ask additional questions until your time is up but this offer will no longer apply. With your agreement some questions may be answered by emailing you additional information.


Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a free 15 phone call to see if we can help you with your analysis or investing concerns.



You often need an analysis to gain support, obtain funding, determine the facts, or make an important decision. A full analysis of the facts is often needed make a sound business decision regarding investment, structure, expansion, or marketing.   We can do many types of analysis to include return on investment (ROI), risk analysis, cost estimate, analysis of alternatives (AOA), cost analysis, cost benefit analysis (CBA), analysis of business environment, threat analysis, analysis of competing hypothesis (ACH), as well as various types of socio economic analysis.


Business Planning

We can help with writing a business plan, creating financial forecasts, brain storming, marketing plan, startup considerations, emergency planning, continuity of operations planning (COOP), employee training or benchmarking competition.


Service Guaranty

Service Guaranty, Investment Training: If you invest with an advisor and specify that you want to learn how to achieve a specific goal (less fees, better return, or less risk) we will refund your training cost if use us our methods and don't achieve your goals relative to the performance of your previous investments over the current time frame.

Service Guaranty, Analysis: If for some reason we are not able to conduct or complete your analysis we will refund your money even if time has been spent working on your project.  If you have come to you are not satisfied


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