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1 SMART Step

​Investment Education, Planning and Analysis
Save Money and Increase Profit With Confidence
By Making Informed Decisions.
It All Starts With 1 SMART Step!
1 SMART Step
Our primary focus is providing education and support for investors, providing piece of mind by teaching you to be a better investor. Giving you comfort knowing that you can save money, get a higher rate of return and minimizing risk on your investments.  We help you make informed decisions and understand the alternatives to maximize profit and avoid loss. 
Our Standard Financial Educational Programs


Level 0 - Financial Planning: Goals, needs, requirements and rate of savings or rate of return needed to meet your goals. Personality, financial and risk assessment to find out what’s right for you. Paying off debt, budgeting and saving your money.


Other common topics:

  • “5 Step” financial and retirement planning.

  • “Three bucket” saving system.

  • Education savings -- 12 ways to pay for college (don’t jump to 529)

  • Life events checklists and help.

  • Tax implications of investing, what investments and accounts can provide tax advantages.

Level 1 - Replace your advisor (passive investing): Developing a diversified portfolio; evaluating your investments; picking mutual funds or ETFs. Dollar cost averaging and annual rebalancing. All major brokerage firms use passive investing to minimize cost, time and liability; allowing you to out perform them by avoiding fees and selecting higher quality funds. (This will take you about 2 hours / year once you complete your training.)
Level 2 – Adding stock to your portfolio: Finding and evaluating stocks for buy and hold investing. Adds significant opportunity for returns without adding much risk. (2 hour / month to 2 hours / quarter)
Level 3 – Active investing with funds: Market timing, cyclical and sector investing. This not only can improve return but is often a great way to reduce risk. Optional: Precious metals, REITs, real estate, rental properties, collectables. (2 hours / week to 2 hours / month)
Level 4 – Swing trading: Stocks, options, and futures. This can often double returns and for most people is the most efficient balance between risk and return.  (2 hours / day to 2 hours / week)
Level 5 – Day trading: Stocks, currency, Bit-coin, commodities. Although their are several functional techniques day trading, automated trading and high frequency trading primarily relies on technical analysis (charts). Because of the short hold times fundamental company information is rarely a factor. This type of trading can be done with any type of exchange but it is not for most investors and can be extremely risky (CAUTION there is more bad information out there than good).  (≥ 2 hours / day)
NOTE: We recommend starting at level 1 (or 0) and only moving up if you feel comfortable.  Most investors are best suited for level 2 or 3.  The education can be relevant and customizable to any country, age or type of investing. Training can be provided via internet to anywhere in the world (training and materials are only provided in English).  
Anyone can benefit from learning how to get out of debt, save money and invest wisely.  We teach tried and true analytical techniques for classic investing that apply to any form of investing or market anywhere in the world.  All planning, analysis and investing information is relevant to anyone anywhere in the world.  Information examples used and information about types of accounts and tax advantaged savings focus on the United States market and you must take local laws and issues into considerations. 
We don't invest your money or receive money from any industry.  It doesn't matter whether you want to invest in real estate, stocks, bonds, or collector bubble gum we will do the analysis so you can make an informed decision.


Our senior associates all have a law degree or M.B.A.; and have earned various certificates, certifications, and licenses.  All senior associates must have more than ten years of experience conducting research and analysis in their respective fields, and we are excited to bring this experience to you. 


Areas of experience include budgeting, accounting, auditing and internal controls; business, contract, economic, cost and investment analysis; marketing, public relations and program management; fraud and financial crime investigations; portfolio development; retirement and education planning; engineering; wills, trusts, and estate planning; as well as security for physical, financial and intellectual property.  


There are many ways to invest your hard earned money (equities, bonds, real estate, insurance products, private ventures, commodities, precious metals, collectables, ...).  We try to help you take an unbiased look at all the alternatives.  Our associates have graduate degrees and many years of experience that they are excited to bring to you.

We can help your business get money and avoid loss by writing a business plan, creating financial forecasts, brain storming, marketing plan, startup considerations, emergency planning, continuity of operations planning (COOP), employee training or benchmarking competition.
You often need an analysis to gain support, obtain funding, determine the facts, or make an important decision. A full analysis of the facts is often needed make a sound business decision regarding investment, structure, expansion, or marketing.  (e.g. buy/lease; hire/out source; break even; go-no-go; competitive environment; price setting....)


Jamie D. from Annandale: My husband and I met with Nick from 1 SMART Step to review our financial plan. He was excellent! He listened to our needs and spend time educating us about the best options to plan for our retirement. The best thing is, unlike working with people who work for financial planning companies, he didn't spend his time trying to sell us insurance. He actually spent his time helping us accomplish our goals. I highly recommend Nick!

Seong B. from Belmont Ridge: I highly recommend Nick Wilson from 1 Smart Step as your financial and investment adviser. Nick is an expert in his field and he is my go-to-person for any financial questions and advice. He will go the extra miles to ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are set for success with your investing.

Joyce A. from Miami: I and my family are completely satisfied with the financial guidance given by1 Smart Step and Nick Wilson. His knowledge is sound and he offers advice that is sensible and clear. Our association with Mr. Wilson afforded us the individual direction we had not received from any other financial agent or organization. He is someone you can trust to get you through the murky waters of planning for a secure future and retirement. JA

Chloe J. from Culpeper: I met 1 SMART Step to get some advices for financial planning my business.
Nick is very knowledgeable and never hesitates to take the extra time to speak to me. He has proven to be extremely skilled and he has always given me solid advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a financial advisor.

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