Financial Planning

The 5 Step Process

Financial Planning Introduction


We will teach you insider tricks that can make financial planning easier as well as optional alternatives that can make a plan more accurate.  Financial planning doesn't need to be difficult. 

Financial Planning Definitions


Strategy: A plan to marshal limited resources for their most efficient and effective use to bring about a desired outcome.


Budget: List of anticipated expenses that has been quantified, categorized, accepted; used as a measure and control to keep spending in check as part of a financial strategy [to maximize efficiency when using limited resources to achieve ones goals].


Financial Plan: A strategy to achieve ones financial goals consisting of financial status, budget, forecast, goals, and execution timeline.


Five Step Process: All major financial institutions use some variation of this five step process for financial planning and budgeting for their clients.  The specifics vary, but the overall concept is always the same.  

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Five (5) Step Process

1) Current Financial Position: To determine net invest-able assets & net annual savings

2) Requirements & Goals: To determine cost to achieve goals and time available to invest

3) Financial Strategy & Prioritizing: To determine what goals can be achieve and what it takes to achieve them


4) Investment Plan: To determine the best portfolio to achieve goals based on personality, time, ROI, risk and market opportunity

5) Review: Determine when to review investments and when to adjust investments, review financials or change goals