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Our specialty is economic and financial analysis.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of the individual and small business. This site has been built on the belief that everything must be open and honest and the only way to insure this is to be completely independent from the financial industry.  Removing industry pressure and monetary benefit from the decision process is the only way to insure a firm puts client needs first.
We work hard to give you the unbiased information you deserve when it comes to planning for your future and making decisions.​



I spent the better part of twenty years in the Navy and Marines conducting financial management, financial investigations, and analysis of all types.  I then worked as a licensed Financial Advisor for one of the largest firms in the country, but I didn’t like the inherent conflict of interest, so I left. Now, I provide training on how to invest your own money and analysis to compare the investments you are considering.


Many ask why I left such a lucrative industry. To answer this I ask you, have you ever wondered if your advisor would tell you to invest with someone else if it were in your best interest? If their answer is always to give them your money, how can trust their advice? The answer is you can't.  Even if the person wants to put your interests above their own the company that holds their license won't let them.  In the industry they call it "trading away" and the advisor can loss their license, their job, and even get sued for putting the clients interest above the company.  To fix these problems I decided to go truly independent.  I wanted to offer a truly independent and unbiased way to help people where I would have no ties to the industry and would not get paid to invest your money!

I've decided to take the high road. You know; the road less traveled, because I find it to be the better road.  I decided to take the long route around the market and teach others to fish.  I'm more comfortable with that, than the fast route through the market trying to sell everyone a fish.  So, come join me on the road to success.  It all starts with 1 SMART Step!

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N. Wilson, MBA, CGFM®

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